About Us

Hello, my name is Dakota and I live in Marysville, a little city in Northern California. I am a long-coated German Shepherd. I was born on April 24, 2006. I have been partnered with Deb since February 2009. I help her with counter-balance, medical issues, and her psychiatric issues. I don’t even know what those big words mean!

I just know when I am with her I keep her from falling down, and when I’m not with her & she falls, I help her get up. I pull her up every morning after I wake her, and help her get up from chairs and stuff. Sometimes Deb gets really scared of things that I know aren’t scary at all. So I take lead her to a place that isn’t scary to her, make her sit down, and get in her lap. She holds me close, rocks back & forth, runs her fingers thru my feathers, and for some reason keeps smelling my ears! Why would she do that? At any rate, when she quits being afraid, she gives me a bunch of cookies, which I’ve been patiently waiting for, and off we go again. And there are times when Deb goes away from me. She is right in front of me, but she isn’t there. She is staring off at something even my good eyes cannot see. I bump my nose into her leg. If she doesn’t pet me, I rear up and push my front paws against her chest really hard. That seems to bring her back to me. She acts really weird for a minute, but then she gives me cookies and we move on. Where did she go? I do not know. I just know it’s my job to bring her back. I do lots of other things, but these 3 are the ones I do the most on a daily basis.

My partner has agreed to be my typist for this blog. She will do the pages, and I will do the blog. Maybe something we write will be helpful to the PSD Handler’s Speak peoples or someone out in wide world of the web…

Kalifornia Kota


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