Posted by: Deb and Dakota | April 26, 2011

Family Get Together

We started our day quite early. As usual, Kota woke me at 4am, tugging my blanket off me, then tugging me out of bed. After feeding her & NuNu, I got my coffee going then peeked at my emails from overnight.At 4:30 I started cleaning the whole house – it was a mess. I hadn’t cleaned it in weeks and it looked like a tornado had gone through it. I’d been working on my 2009 and 2010 taxes and had boxes and filing cabinets and piles of paper spread all over the living room and office. It took hours to organize it enough and get it all out of sight. Then the cleaning started.

At 7am I gathered up all of Kota’s toys and put them away in her toy box in the office and started cleaning the house. This is what Kota enjoys – she is my Supervisor – and NuNu the cat goads her on. She follows me around, taking swipes at my long duster. She walks thru or sits or lays down on the dirt piles I’m sweeping up. She lays down in front of the vacuum cleaner and won’t move. She gets on her beds and rolls all over them and plays and does everything to stop me from taking the covers off to wash them. Yes, she loves cleaning days!

At 10am Mom and brother Bob arrived. Kota was ecstatic! At his invitation, she jumped all over Bob. After all our training, she was wriggling all over, but sat in front of Mom and never jumped on her frail body. She continued to just sit in front of her all day long for pets and attention. I was very proud that our training had paid off!! Yay Dakota!!

At 11am Bob was busily doing chores for me. Mom & I took off for Sam’s Club to get groceries. As usual, I was on high alert and extremely anxious. I hate going to Sam’s: it’s so huge and confusing, and there are so many people, and those people stare & take our picture, and come up and talk to us – it is just so overwhelming for me…

I did not have a very long list this time, and knew where most of the needed items were. Kota was receiving a lot of compliments on her beauty and manners which made me feel very proud. And thank the Lord, no one was trying to stop and interact with us! Kota was staying directly behind the cart with no command to do so. Her sit/stays while I got items was perfect.

I needed reading glasses and they were on a low display. I don’t lean over very well, so I had Kota lay down in front of me and kneeled down with my hands on her. While I was concentrating on the display, a very large man dressed all in black was approaching us. Kota jumped up and let out 2 barks. They weren’t the vicious, aggressive type, they were woof-woof type. She was still in front of me, she hadn’t lunged forward and her hackles weren’t up. Out of nowhere, 2 store employees showed up asking if I was having a seizure or needed an ambulance! I told them what happened and apologized for the disruption. The man said it was because he was dressed in black. He went into this long dissertation about how dogs, cats & birds see and react to color. It was a very bizarre encounter…

Once we returned home, Bob finished up the chores and we sat down to a nice late lunch/early dinner. We pigged out on Mom’s good home-cooked goodies. Extra ham was set aside for Kota and NuNu to indulge in. Mom and Bob left around 3pm.

I was still jazzed up about the visit and shopping. So I pulled out the stroller and NuNu jumped right in. I zipped him is, leashed Kota and off we went. We walked around our park with the fierce wind rippling our furries and hair. It was warm and we had a nice walk. A good way to end the day…


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