Posted by: Deb and Dakota | April 24, 2011

Today is Kota’s Barkday

Dakota was born April 24th, 2006, so she’s now 5 years old. She certainly doesn’t act like it. When I play with her balls in the park, she leaps high in the air, twisting and turning to catch it. She’s really good and rarely misses catching it. She is really athletic!Yesterday I took Kota to the Vet to be groomed. She loves going to the Vet, and always drags me to the door, because she knows she’s gonna get spoiled in there. They give her treats and act like she’s the bestest doggie in the whole world, which is true of course. Kota gets excited when Uriel comes out to get her. She greets him with kisses and wriggles all over. Then she jumps all over me, trying to get in my lap, knowing she’s about to be taken away from me, which she doesn’t like – not one little bit! But given the “Go With” command, off she goes, while looking over her shoulder. Kota thinks I’m staying in the waiting room. Heaven help the poor tech that has to bring her out to me when she’s done. After her perfect manners while being groomed, Kota drags that poor person from the kennels, down the hallways to me! She can’t wait to get into my arms and get her vest back on…

Today we spent some time in the Park across the street – very convenient! Because of strict leash laws, I put Kota on a long line and threw balls and toys for her to chase after. She runs really, really fast and grab the balls. But she doesn’t bother to bring them back! I have to go get them and throw them again for her to chase once more. Since there were no little peoples around, we played on the jungle gym. We climbed all the goofy stairways, crossed metal grate-ways, slid down slides and all kinds of stuff.

Watch me fly!

Sometimes Kota gets tangled up in the long line. She wants to run free! But she can’t. I take her to my Mom’s as often as I can, where she can run to her heart’s content in that huge fenced yard – which she adores doing! The picture is blurred, but it’s one of my favorites – Kota with one paw on the ground, running full tilt boogie with all her fluffies and feathers flying…

Well, I think I have written way too much for my first message to the world. I don’t know if I will continue to do this or not. I hope that those of you who have Service Dogs are able to have the same joy in your partnership as I do with Kota.

Kalifornia Kota & Deb



  1. Hi Deb

    I have not heard from you in a while and was wondering if everything was OK.

    Give me a shout whenever you have time.


    • Thanks for thinking of me Peter. Your timing is just right.

      I had completely forgotten about this blog! I started another one on Google’s Blog app. Wrote in it everyday till I got moved into my new house, then I quit for some reason. Things haven’t been going well for me emotionally. I have something wrong with the left side of my back down by the pelvic bones. The pain is out of this world & nothing they’ve tried can tame it. They’ve done all the tests which have come back negative. They think I’m just a nut case looking to score more pain pills.

      Kota has been working full time and she’s pretty tuckered out. I use a cane and take her for relaxing “doggie” walks where she can wander and smell the roses. (Literally – she loves them!) I’m sticking to stores that know us and just using her seat belt to go in (no markings). It’s a Champion and the black webbing is 2 1/2 or 3″ wide, with 2 D-rings that attach to the restraint in the car. I can easily hold on to those D-rings just as if she were wearing her harness. Only drawback is I have to carry all our stuff, since a seat belt has no pockets!! But it is so substantial looking that everyone thinks it IS a harness…

      OK, I’ve nattered on long enough. How are you? I imagine you are busy with long hours to get Badge of Life posted every month. Do you have time to relax, have some down-time? You need it – in a fast-pasted world like yours, you could get burned out and end up like me – like last Monday. Don’t want that to happen to you, especially considering dealing with so much trauma, death, and the aftermath. Stick around Peter; we need people like you to keep the torch burning…
      deb & kota

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